10 tips to travel by car with your pets this Easter

10 tips to travel by car with your pets this Easter

During Holy Week, the most common way is to travel by car, and on many occasions your pets accompany you. Dogs must travel comfortably and safely, it is not worth everything. From the shelter El Refugio, they have launched a series of tips to travel by car with your dog in a safe way. Do not miss it!

The shelter El Refugio has launched an initiative called #PerrosEnCoche to raise awareness among people traveling by car with their pets. The association has pointed out that one in five cars traveling this week on the roads carry dogs. So, your advice is not bad at all.

10 tips for traveling by car with your dog

  1. The first rule to travel by car with your dog and safely is that the dog should never go loose inside the vehicle.
  2. Nor can it go in the front seats, or subject in arms, or any other type of device.
  3. If the dog is in a carrier, it should not be placed on the seat or fastened with the seat belt since it is not safe.
  4. The carrier must be placed on the ground, it is the safest option. The carrier must fit between the front and rear seats.
  5. The dog can also travel in the rear seats without a carrier but must wear a harness. In addition, a device must be used to anchor it to the safety belt hooks.
  6. You must use a double hook harness, to fix it to the anchors of two safety belts. If the harness is a single hitch, in the event of an accident the ring could break.
  7. Your dog can also go without a carrier in the trunk, as long as the car has a separating device to prevent them from accessing the seats. The safest option is to combine the use of the separator device and the carrier, in which case it must be positioned transversely to the vehicle’s gear.
  8. You should not give him food just before traveling, so you avoid possible dizziness.
  9. You have to make frequent stops so that the dog can drink, eat, stretch his legs …
  10. It is very important that whenever you go on a trip you take your dog’s identification card with you. In addition, you should never be left alone inside the car, so you avoid being able to steal it and not suffer heatstroke.

What do you think of these tips for traveling by car with your dog? Pretty useful right?

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