Beaches for dogs

Beaches for dogs

The theme of dogs on the beach has different visions. Some feel uncomfortable with animals around, and consider that pets (predominantly dogs) should not share the same space with families, children or adults who want to enjoy the beach.

Others feel that the presence of their pets enriches their experience, sharing with them recreation, outdoor activities, and fun.

Some and others (those who do have pets and those who do not) have the right to live the beach as they wish. In some places, the opinion and taste of the pet owners have been considered and beach spaces for dogs have been provided.

Looking for information on the subject, I see that it is more developed in the United States than in Europe or other regions. If someone knows about initiatives like the ones I am commenting on today, we would be interested in being able to share the information with the rest of the readers: they should only leave a comment right here.

Carmel Beach in California is especially ” friendly ” or open to the presence of dogs in it. Walking through it you reach the picturesque town of Carmel where there are many restaurants and bars where pets are accepted.

In the same state, we find Coronado Beach where the Loews Surf Dog Competition has held a championship for surfing dogs. The owners are “welcome” also on this beach.

The city of Chicago has designed many public areas to be with pets. One of them is the beach of Montrose on the lake. With ramps specially designed for animals and a sector of sand and water for them.

Do you know something similar to other places in the world?

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