Free accommodation all over the world in exchange for taking care of pets

Free accommodation all over the world in exchange for taking care of pets

If you like animals and travel, TrustedHousesitters is the perfect solution for you. This website offers a network of homes to stay for free in exchange for taking care of animals and the house. It is a good solution, both for homeowners who have pets and go on a trip and for travelers looking for free accommodation.

Are you going on a trip and don’t know what to do with your dog or cat? Or do you have a tight budget to travel? TrustedHousesitters is a very interesting option for both parties. TrustedHousesitters was born in 2010 with a simple mission: to keep pets happy and safe in their own homes. Many times animals suffer from stress when they travel or simply cannot travel with us.

The website helps connect thousands of homeowners and pets with “caring travelers.” The former are cared for by pets and the house and the latter have a place to sleep for free. Let’s say it’s a kind of bartering among travelers.

How does it work? The “Homesitter” (the traveler-caregiver), once the destination has been chosen, you should only look for the accommodation that best suits your needs. Always taking into account the time of stay and the type of pets to take care of. The owner of the houses and pets has a profile where he indicates the time he will be on vacation and the type of animals he has. TrustedHousesitters offers accommodation in more than 150 countries. To register (whether you own or caregiver) you must pay about 8.25 euros per month, provide your national identity document, a criminal record and fill out a profile. What do you think of this “bartering” among travelers?

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