Iberia lost my dog

Iberia lost my dog

With these words: ” Iberia lost my dog, and here I stay until it appears ” Mr. Manuel García Congo settled in the hall of Barajas International Airport.

Coming from Santiago de Compostela on an Iberia flight, upon arriving in the Spanish capital, the dog in question was lost when he moved the cage in which he was traveling with his canine companion from the plane to the air station.

At first, they could find the dog and return it to its owner, but Trus, a beagle that does not have a chip, has not given any signs yet. And Mr. García Coego has settled in the airport waiting for it to appear.

On the 19th day, the owner of Trus went on the runway three times throughout the day, accompanied by airport personnel looking for signs of his dog. But nothing.

The airport falconers, firefighters, and technical personnel are alert, in case they cross the runways with a tiny, curious and walking beagle.

Travelodge pet beds

Knowing that many travelers do not leave home without their pets, some hotels have adapted their facilities to accommodate these special guests.

In that trend, the British low-cost hotel chain Travelodge has decided to invite dogs, cats, and other animals to spend the night in the same room as their owners.

Paying a supplement of 14 euros, the pet can have a Pet Bed, that is, a special bed for animals.

After a successful pilot test in the United Kingdom, they have implemented the service to the three hotels owned by the chain in Spain, specifically in Las Rozas and Torrelaguna in Madrid and L’Hospitalet in Barcelona.

Now you know. If you want to avoid leaving your pet in the care of others while traveling, you can consider sleeping comfortably next to you in the hotel room.

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