In this Denver hotel they will book a suite for dogs and … wine

In this Denver hotel they will book a suite for dogs and … wine

A pool party is fine, but how about a puppy party? Better yet: a dog party in a suite where you can also taste good wine.

That’s what you intend to do (for a good cause, of course) this Denver hotel in August, coinciding with World Dog Day.

World Dog Day

On August 26, Dog Day, also called World Dog Day or Dog Appreciation Day, is celebrated. The date wants to help the adoption of dogs (more than 100,000 are abandoned every year in Spain) and also aims to be a tribute to these animals.

The Dog Day was founded eleven years ago, in 2004, to recognize “the canine company and enormous connection with us, its adorable patience, unquestionable loyalty, as well as the work of dogs in the protection of our streets, houses, and families “.

Therefore, Hotel Monaco, a Kimpton hotel in downtown Denver, Colorado, is preparing for National Dog Day. When you book the luxury hotel suite before the holidays, which is August 26, the hotel will organize a private puppy party and prosecco in your room.

The hotel plan is to bring 6 to 10 Lifeline Puppy Rescue puppies to the suite, depending on the availability of the puppies. It will also bring prosecco and small bites from a restaurant in northern Italy, Panzano. Prosecco is an Italian white wine, usually a dry or extra dry sparkling wine.

In this way, you will have an hour of play with puppies in this 79 square meter suite while you drink some wine.

An expert in shelter puppies will accompany the puppies while they are in their room to answer questions and provide all possible attention.

All this, in addition, is for a good cause: Hotel Monaco is donating 50 percent of the income of each reserve to the shelter, which has adopted 34,000 dogs.

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