JFK airport in New York opens an exclusive terminal for animals

JFK airport in New York opens an exclusive terminal for animals

New York City’s John F. Kennedy Airport has already opened its exclusive animal terminal, called The ARK at JFK. Phase 1 has just opened with services that include The ARK Pet Oasis, 24/7 Animal Care and Equine Export. The ARK offers special services for the care of animals before and after the trip. Traveling with pets has never been so easy (and comfortable)!

Ark at JFK

Traveling with animals is never easy, neither for the owners nor for the animals. JFK Airport has created an exclusive area terminal for animals that is in several phases. Phase I has just been inaugurated and Phase II and III are expected to be completed in summer 2017. Phase I offers the services of The ARK Pet Oasis, Equine & Livestock Export Center and Aviary In-Transit Quarantine, Phase II It will include an Import-Export Center (“IEC”), Equine Quarantine / Import, Grooms’ Lounge, and The ARK Aviary. Phase III will have a complete veterinary clinic, a laboratory, a boarding facility, and a pet toilet.

The ARK terminal is a kind of Noah’s Ark where animals will be very well taken care of before and after their flights. Animals, whether pets, horses, birds, livestock or exotic animals will be in an efficient, safe and calm environment. This will help animals (and travelers) not suffer stress. The terminal is located next to the airport runways. The animals are transferred directly with special vehicles to the ARK where they receive immediate attention or begin with the required quarantine. Regardless of the length of stay of the animals, all are attended by accredited veterinary personnel.

Ark at JFK Services

24/7 Animal Care: having a good pre and post-flight experience is essential for animals. At 24/7 Animal Care, employees are dedicated to making their “guests” a comfortable, safe and stress-free stay. There is staff 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The staff is always equipped, with direct access “next to the track” to receive and care for the animals, so they do not have to wait in a cargo warehouse.

ARK Pet Oasis: Air travel for pets can be a long and difficult process. The animals spend the entire flight confined in their transport boxes without food or water. ARK Pet Oasis seeks to mitigate the animal’s anxiety. It is a central resource available to all airlines, pet owners and those who transport them. This service promotes the welfare of all traveling pets. Animals receive care and rest on arrival, on departure, and between flights.

Equine Export: it is a rest and inspection center for cattle and horses. The center is staffed with experienced equine care staff. Art at JKF creates a special atmosphere to prepare equine guests before catching their next international flight.

In the coming months, they will open the Equine Import & Quarantine and Aviary. In the Pet, Oasis cats have their own sanitary boxes and for dogs, there are green yards, all of them are fed with high-quality food. A Resort for animals will also be added soon. A luxury space for the most traveling animals. What do you think of the animals having their own air terminal?

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