Luxury for pets came to some Spanish hotels

Luxury for pets came to some Spanish hotels

Traveling with pets could become an impossible mission for those who did not intend to give up the company of their dog or cat. Well, today there are many hotels that open their doors to animals and are considered pet-friendly. But we go that, sometimes, to be able to count on the presence of the pet it was necessary to give up the luxury … and now no longer thanks to the fact that many 5-star establishments receive the animals with exclusive furniture, treatments, and care.

In addition, this type of service is not something exclusive to cities in the United States but this trend has come to Spain so that animal lovers can spend their holidays with them, surrounded by glamor and luxury without limits.

Thus, some of the hotels in the country that receive pets with open arms are, for example, the following:

  • Westin Hotel of Valencia. There the little animal can rest in a very comfortable bed, have access to fun toys and special bowls to enjoy their food.
  • Hotel Foxa M-30 in Madrid. In this establishment, the pet will have at its disposal individual glass cabins where to rest and enjoy the holidays and relax.
  • Hotel Reina Victoria by Meliá in Madrid. Here the owner of the animal can purchase the Plan ME package that includes personal walkers, clothes, sheets and towels, hairdressers, exquisite and quality food, in addition to a very comfortable king-size bed so that the pet relaxes to the fullest and rests during its stay.

But in addition to all this, the hotels offer other services and gifts so that dogs and cats do not miss their home too much. Thus, among other things, the animals will have at their disposal trainers and personal masseurs, swimming pool, welcome kits, medical coverage and, if the owner wishes to leave for a few hours or their activities require leaving the pet for some reason, the establishments have With a company service. In this way, the animals will never be alone and will find in the hotel a new friend to accompany them.

This is a service that more and more hotels provide to their customers. With more or fewer luxuries for pets, the establishments open their doors to animals because many travelers decide to start their vacations in the company of their dogs or cats. One more offer in luxury hotels for those who do not repair expenses.

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