Not without my dog, the incredible journeys of Kelly Lung and her dog Loki

Not without my dog, the incredible journeys of Kelly Lung and her dog Loki

Kelly Lung is an inveterate traveler, but she doesn’t go anywhere without her wolf-dog Loki. In this way, they have lived together all kinds of adventures. The reason Kelly seeks to immortalize her dog in the most spectacular locations that can be imagined is to call for awareness in people who have their dogs chained or locked up all day so they do not escape.

Kelly continues to be surprised, daily, of the joy that animals can bring to our lives and the happiness that comes from living with them. Although it is difficult to describe it. Therefore, many times he does not even try, and he is content to upload photos of himself and his dog to his Instagram account in locations that take away the hiccups.

Looking at the photos Kelly has posted on Instagram, his and Loki’s, we fully understand his point of view. Animals should not live their lives inside a house but should be able to go out and explore the world and help us create wonderful memories of those that last a lifetime.

Three Paradores already allow accommodation with pets

Today, January 17, is St. Anton’s Day, the patron of animals. Pets are our great companions in our day today, but the truth is that when traveling, we usually find complications, because there are not many accommodations that allow us to travel with them.

Thinking of this type of animal-loving travelers, in Paradores, they already allow, thanks to the collaboration with Royal Canin, that in three of their establishments their clients come with their pets.

Specifically, this is already possible in the Paradores de Cangas de Onís, Gredos and Ciudad Rodrigo. The only thing you need to do to stay with your pets is to indicate it in the reservation and pay the daily supplement per animal, which amounts to 15 euros.

In addition, you will not have to travel with your pet’s “house” in tow, because in the room you will find a welcome set consisting of feeder and drinking fountain, tablecloth, sleeping mat and feeding for the animal. Without a doubt, a good initiative that we hope will be extended to the rest of the establishments.

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