Shopping before traveling (XI)

Shopping before traveling (XI)

Days ago we gave here, in Diario del Viajero, a series of tips for traveling with pets in the car.

Of course, for the route to be as safe and pleasant as possible for everyone, a series of items that can be purchased at various pet stores are needed.

Thus, among those products, some infallible will be the following:

  • Cubresientos . To prevent hairs, dirt from their legs and even an accident staining both the rear and front seats, this product is very resistant and with a series of very interesting features. Of course, a zipper will facilitate the additional transport of people in the rear seats and two openings to let the seat belts pass. In addition, it repels dirt, is resistant to water and scratches. Its price is 19.50 euros.
  • Seatbelt. Medium and large dogs should be supported by these types of products. Thus, this particular model is made of very resistant nylon that, at one of its ends, has a carabiner to fasten it to the usual harness of the animal and, on the other, a metal closure to insert into the car’s seat belts. It’s the price? 5.95 euros.
  • Safety harness. Another option is to place a harness for a better grip. The product is directly attached to the seat belt of any car, thus giving the animal freedom of movement. Shaped as a vest, padded inside and adjustable straps, the harness can also be used outside the car for rides. The prices vary according to size.
  • Car seat. Meanwhile, for smaller animals, a seat is the best option to keep them safe and in place. There are a variety of models, from the most basic to those with more and better functions. In this case, it is a seat that also fulfills the task of being a suitcase and a bed for the pet. With a soft and padded interior, it is available in black and gray, for animals less than 8 kilos. It’s the price? 127.90 euros.
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