The 10 most eccentric and original hotels

The 10 most eccentric and original hotels

A business strategy, advertising, originality or the opportunity to be unique. Perhaps it is one of those, or all or none, of the true reason that some hotels that we might call unusual, quirky, curious, unique or fun are shaped. Either by the place where they are located, by the way, they have, by the services provided or by the materials used in their construction, they certainly attract attention. In this way, the Travel Magazine has prepared a list with what it considers the 10 most eccentric hotels in the world.

Of course, here, in Diario del Viajero, many of them have already been discussed. But seeing them in a list will remind us. Let’s see, then, what are the establishments that the publication has chosen as the most curious:

  1. Hotel Daspark, Austria.The rooms of this site are, nothing more and nothing less, than construction tubes with capacity for two people without any other service than a bed and a lamp.
  2. Karosta, Latvia. This hotel stands in the former Karosta military jail. A place where travelers are treated as prisoners being able to choose different and extreme experiences.
  3. Dog Bark Park, United States. This establishment is shaped like a dog, more precisely of a Beagle breed called Sweet Willy. The hotel is located in Cottonwood, Idaho and those who wish to spend the night there should know that they will do so in the part belonging to the head of the gigantic animal.
  4. Hôtel de Glace, Canada. In Québec, this ice hotel is located, which opens its doors from January to March.
  5. Capsule Inn, Tokyo. Capsule hotels have niches in which tourists only have a mattress, a light, radio, and television. Then, the bathroom and the rest of the spaces are shared among all travelers. Not suitable for claustrophobic.Poseidon Undersea
  6. The resort, Fiji Islands.The hotel has a series of underwater rooms that are located 20 meters deep in this transparent and beautiful sea. Still, under construction it will open its doors in 2010.
  7. Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavoren, Holland. This hotel has converted huge wine barrels into rooms for two people. The choice is personal: White wine or red wine?
  8. Everland Hotel, France. This is a one-bedroom hotel … portable. Thus, it walks around the world and always locating itself in strategic places. Well, this time the place chosen was the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.
  9. Hotel Utter Inn, Sweden. Located in Västeras, this one-room hotel is submerged three meters below the surface of Lake Mälaren. It is there, then, where the traveler can appreciate the depths of this water mirror thanks to the strategically located windows.
  10. Hotel Lighthouse, Holland. The hotel is located in the Harlingen lighthouse. A single room that offers a wonderful and exquisite panoramic view.
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