The dog that works on Lost Objects of KLM

The dog that works on Lost Objects of KLM

Have you ever forgotten something on the plane? For the rush to get off (I will never understand that mania of getting ejected from the seat and fighting for being the first to leave the plane after being there for a whole flight ) or for some other reason, your glasses, your book or your phone will It has been left on board.

In those cases, you usually realize once you arrive at your home or your hotel, or in the best case, before leaving the terminal and go to the airline for help. In the best case, too, the cabin staff will have retrieved your item and will retain it until you can get down and take it to the office. Something that usually takes.

But KLM has launched a new system to expedite all this process ( and that more passengers return to meet their lost objects ) thanks to its new “employee”.

Nothing less than a nice dog specially trained to collect the lost object and sniff the seat where it was found to be able to follow the owner’s mark. Then he runs through the terminal until the owner is detected and handed it over.

For this, the company has chosen a special breed of dog: a Beagle. This breed of hound dogs stands out for its great olfactory capacity and is frequently used to detect explosives, fake money, and even spoiled grains within a mountain of similar grains.

So I think that just by sniffing where he sat I can locate among thousands of passengers in the terminal, the owner of a mobile phone (one of the objects left most forgotten on flights).

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