Travel by plane with a guide dog

Travel by plane with a guide dog

On many occasions, we have talked about the conditions and tips for traveling with our pets. However, in certain situations traveling with a pet becomes essential. Such a case is presented daily with passengers who, due to a visual disability, for example, need to travel by plane with a guide dog.

Anyone who has flown some air miles will have shared on occasion the limited interior space of an airplane with a passenger who, due to visual difficulties, blindness or deafness, depends on the help of his guide dog. In my experience, I have to say that thanks to the training that these animals have, they behave better than more than one passenger.

If you have to travel with one of them, relax, they are wonderful to travel companions. But to do so, they must comply with certain regulations required by the airlines.

The guide dogs are the only pets allowed to travel in the cabin with its owner. At the time of booking the passenger seat, the trip must be communicated with a guide dog (always at least 24 hours in advance). No charge is paid for your trip and the dog travels without a seat and with his master.

The passenger and his dog must show up at the airport counter to check-in normally. Show the documentation of the animal and from that moment you must wear a muzzle and leash at all times.

They will be assigned a seat in the front of the plane, over the aisle so that it can board and disembark as a priority and not disturb the passage of the bulk of the passage. They will generally be the last to board the plane and the first to disembark.

When we talk about domestic or domestic flights, it is required that the animal is duly accredited as a guide dog and that it has an updated certificate from the veterinarian about its state of health and the current vaccination card.

In the case of international flights, the documentation required by the destination country must be added. For which it will be necessary to make timely consultations in time, especially on the subject of vaccines and certificate legalization.

In general, guide dogs are trained to withstand travel and stress with their owners. They do not bother at all and give an example of fidelity and “ knowing how to be ” that more than one could use to imitate.

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