Which airlines allow us to travel with our pets in the cabin?

Which airlines allow us to travel with our pets in the cabin?

Yesterday we discussed the issue of traveling by plane with a guide dog and said that they are the only ones allowed to always travel with their owner in the cabin, and at no cost.

Our friendly reader Oscar left us his comment and raised a question: which airlines allow us to travel with our pets in the cabin?

Each of them can establish their conditions so that passengers may or may not choose to travel accompanied by their pets. It is a complicated issue because the interior space of an airplane is shared by many people who may not want to have an animal nearby for various reasons. But there are cases in which it can.

From Diario del Viajero we ask: have you been able to travel with your pet by your side on a flight? At what cost?

Leave a comment and tell us your experience, so we can all know more about this topic. Let’s clarify that companies are free to define whether they give that option or not. And passengers have the right to have that information and opt.

Travelin ‘Dog Pet Seat, safety to travel by car with the pet

There has already been talking here of the importance that some people give to the fact of traveling with their pets. That is why there are search engines to find hotels that admit animals, luxury accommodations for them and even an airline to transfer them. But of course many choose to travel by car with their puppy and, for this, we must also think about the safety of the animal. Thus, the Traveling Dog Pet Seat is the ideal seat for the dog to reach a safe and secure destination.

The seat is adjustable to the height of the pet and is attached to the car seat through the seat belts. Meanwhile, the dog is placed on the seat and is supported by harnesses that must be purchased separately.

In this way, the animal will remain still during the trip, avoiding blows or falls when braking or accelerating and, even, discomfort and distractions towards the driver of the vehicle.

But of course not everything is safety and the animal can travel comfortably in his Traveling Dog Pet Seat because the product has a foam rubber padding and is covered in wool.

Its measurements are 48.26 x 43.18 centimeters and its price amounts to $ 60 plus an extra $ 10 for the harness.

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